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Evidence of Shakespeare's life etc
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The following is evidence of Shakespeare's life etc, and that he was the writer of the plays in the First Folio.
Baptismal record
26th April 1564 Shakespeare was baptised. See Baptismal record
Marrige record
27th November 1582, marriage licence record.
28th November 1582, marriage licence bond. See Marriage record
Property records
Mortgage deed shows Shakespeare was one of several "tenants" of The Globe.
Shakespeare owned property and land.
See Property records
Legal and tax records
Shakespeare took some people to court and also appeared in court to give evidence.
Tax records show that Shakespeare seemed to be trying to avoid paying tax.
See Legal and Tax records
Heraldic records
John Shakespeare, Shakespeare's father applied for a coat of arms and after it was granted there was a dispute.
See Heraldic records
Council records
Council records show that John Shakespeare, Shakespeare's was appointed as an Alderman, a Baliff, and was struck off.
See Stratford-upon-Avon Council records
Theatre and acting records
Licences and cast lists credit William Shakespeare as an actor. See Theatre and acting records
Shakespeare is mentioned in several leters and one letter which we have a record of was undelvered to Shakespeare.
See Letters record
Shakespeare's signatures that we have a record of are unsatisfactory as evidence, partly because the spelling is not the same. See The six signatures
Other evidence
Other evidence includes a bill of sale, and Shakespere being listed as having illegaly hoarded malt or corn.
See Other evidence
25th April 1616 the burial of "Will Shakspeare gent" was recorded in the Stratford parish register
See Record of death
Last Will and Testament
On 25th March 1616, just weeks before his death Shakespeare made his last Will and Testament.
See Will record
After death
Ben Jonson'e poem in the preface of The First folio of 1623 To the Memory of My Beloved
1638 Sir William Davenant's poem In Remembrance of Master William Shakespeare
Heminges and Condell preface in The First Folio of 1623.
Shakespeare's fellow actors Heminges and Condell explain in the introduction to the readers that the Folio was replacing the earlier publications, which they characterised as "stol'n and surreptitious copies, maimed and deformed by frauds and stealths of injurious impostors", asserting that the author's true words "are now offer'd to your view cured, and perfect of their limbes; and all the rest, absolute in their numbers as he conceived them".
See First Folio Introduction
Heminge and Condell dedicated the First Folio to the Earls of Pembroke and Montgomery "to show their gratitude to the living, and the dead", declaring that the venture was "without ambition either of self-profit, or fame: only to keep the memory of so worthy a Friend & Fellow alive, as was our Shakespeare....
See First Folio Dedication
Beyond reasonable doubt Shakespeare wrote all the work that is attributed to him. See Conclusion
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