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Heraldic records
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20th October 1596. Below is the shield and crest drawing from the first of two rough drafts of a Coat of Arms grant to Shakspere (College of Arms, MS. Vincent. 157, art. 23; art. 24).
The phrase "Non Sanz Droict" ("Not Without Right") is written on both documents, a motto.

1599 John Shakspere, Shakespeare's father, sought to add his wife's family arms to the recently acquired Shakspere arms (College of Arms, MS. R. 21).
1602, Peter Brooke (York Herald) accused Sir William Dethick (Garter King-of-Arms) and his associate Camden (Clarenceux King-of-Arms) of "elevating base persons, and assigning devices already in use." Brooke's 23 case complaint (Folger Shakespeare Library, MS. V.a.156) included the drawing shown below.

Dethick and Camden replied in defence to Brooke's complaint and the charges were dismissed. Their reply included the drawing shown below (Bodleian Library, MS. Ashmole 846).
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