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On shakespearecandle at the top of each page can get menu of his plays, sonnets, and poems, where can get full text and notes.
Other key links on the website on Shakespeare's text are:
All plays Monologues menu (with text for each monologue)
Full list of all Shakespeare’s characters (with link for each character)
Largest roles by play which gives full text and pdfs to the 139th largest roles
Famous quotations (with links)
Quotations on love (with links)
Quotations on life (with links)
Main pdfs of plays, poems and sonnets, including list of speeches
Other links:
Timeline of Shakespeare's life and events
Images menu
Video menu of plays
Audio menu of plays
Audio & video menu of sonnets
Audio & video menu of poems
Shakespeare connections
About us
Advanced Search where can search for monologues, top largest characters, gender etc You do not need need to have an exact match with punctuation and hyphens, etc.
For all searches can use "wild cards" to search, where * indicates one or more characters.
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