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Our search engine is very powerful. From the basic form below can do most searches, but you can also use the advanced search to search for monologues, top largest characters, gender etc see Advanced Search.
You do not need need to have an exact match with punctuation and hyphens, etc.
For example if search for "tomorrow" this would find both tomorrow and to-morrow. But if you want you can search for exact matches.
For all searches can use "wild cards" to search, where * indicates one or more characters.
For example could search for power*friend
You can use asterisks as many times as you want to find several words separated by unknown words or letters.
Include all plays in search
Include all sonnets in search
Include all poems in search
Include notes etc, if any
Use NOT exact match search
Case sensitive search (you probably will not want this)
Exact match ONLY search including case, punctuation, hyphens, and apostrophes (you probably will not want this)
Not include other word forms (if say search for "thy" then if NOT other word forms would not include "thyself"
Count ONLY
Allow up to 200 search results, if unchecked then no limit, but may be slower

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